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Concept of Innovative design is always the brand soul of EXENE, harmoniously combined with the European metropolitan fashion and the perfect Oriental cultural quintessence, charm and create "EXENE" leading products and excellent quality, elegant taste.

EXENE R&D center is set in Germany and in France where the logistic center locates in, endowing all the EXENE European fashion and romance from that Mediterranean mysterious lands. Every design immited the talent of EXENE excellent designers, keeping in pace with fashion trend, local features, and also stress the individual merit. It is a coherent synthesis traditional craft, personal skills, modern thinking, modern technology, and new materials, that giving the best touch of visual aesthetic taste; at the same time, in the light of ergonomic principles, our ingenious designs makes the best conservative solution to express the natural beauty in scientific way and the utility function of the product itself. Outstanding the modern metropolis, EXENE form its unique brand character by its ideal interpretation of European style and Oriental cultural quintessence.

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