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EXENE sanitary fitting & ware Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer in sanitary industry, providing one-stop-shopping experiences with Sales & marketing, Tec-research, Manufacturing, Quality control and Logistics combinations. It is not only a prominent team but also the basic and sources of the professional talents for the EXENE Group, with designing house located in the heart of Europe, and in Paris, France, EXENE logistics center will provide local services at your next door .

Innovation is the soul for creation of any world brand. With a harmonious combination of oriental classic and European modern fashion, EXENE is always amazing the world with the first-class quality products through Innovation for water.

EXENE dedicates to globalizing sanitary products through integrating global resource, enhanced by the high-efficient logistics system and strong channels system. That's what EXENE pursuits--to be the forerunner of "Innovation for water".

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